Boiler Repair Liverpool

Your boiler is more than just a machine: it's the heart of your home. Boilers are the backbone of all properties, and you need a reliable repair service to keep it running smoothly. 

That’s exactly what we offer. As your one-stop shop for boiler repairs and maintenance, First Group Liverpool doesn’t just fix your boiler: we ensure it's functioning optimally so you’re not isolated from heating or hot water. 

Our highly-qualified team will handle any boiler breakdowns with maximum efficiency. We’ll be in and out quickly, leaving your family, tenants or business with a fully repaired conventional or combi boiler. 

Emergency Boiler Repair Liverpool:

Are you having issues with your boiler? Does your home feel colder than usual, or are you struggling with low water pressure? 

Broken boilers can cause stress and discomfort for households, particularly during the winter. Don’t suffer the cold any longer, and call First Group Liverpool for our efficient boiler repair services. 

Our team of experts is dedicated to providing fast and reliable boiler repair to homeowners in Liverpool. Every situation is urgent, and we will work quickly to get your heating up and running.

When you need emergency boiler repair, we’re here to help. Trust the best in the business and choose Liverpool's premier boiler repair company for all your heating needs.

Areas We Cover

First Group Liverpool offers customers across the city of Liverpool and the surrounding Merseyside region access to our efficient emergency boiler repair services. This includes areas in the following four boroughs: 

  • Knowsley
  • St Helens
  • Sefton
  • Wirral



What are the most common causes of boiler breakdowns?

The most common causes of boiler failure are:

  • Blocked condensation pipe: The condensation pipe carries any wastewater that forms during condensation. However, particularly during cold weather, this pipe can become blocked with debris and cause boiler breakdowns. 
  • Lack of heating oil: To warm your water, boilers can use two types of heating oil: kerosene or gas oil. If your boiler breaks down, it may be because you have run out of heating oil. 
  • Pressure is too high/low: Your boiler’s pressure keeps the water in your home warm. If the pressure is too high, your boiler will shut down (or lockout) as a preventative safety measure. Too little pressure and the boiler will be unable to heat your home and water, leaving you without central heating.

What should I do if my boiler breaks down unexpectedly?

In the event of an unexpected boiler breakdown, turn off the boiler to prevent further damage. If it is displaying an error number on its digital screen, make a note of it. Then, get in touch with First Group Liverpool. 

Call 0800 978 8923 and wait for First Group Liverpool to deliver our emergency boiler repair services. We’ll identify, diagnose and fix the problem, day or night. While you wait for our professionals to arrive, do not attempt to use the boiler or tamper with any parts.

Does my boiler need a boiler service or boiler repair?

Whether your boiler needs to be serviced or repaired depends on its condition and the issues you’re experiencing. 

Boiler servicing is an annual, preventative maintenance check to ensure your boiler runs safely. Having an engineer perform boiler servicing once a year can help identify problems before they become more serious and prevent unexpected breakdowns. 

A boiler repair is necessary when there is a specific issue with your boiler, such as a leak, strange noises or a failure to heat up. In this case, a qualified First Group Liverpool engineer will visit your home to diagnose the problem by replacing and repairing the affected parts. 

How much does it cost to repair or replace a boiler?

While each case is different, we charge £70.00 per hour +VAT: this is the standard charge for boiler fault diagnosis and repairs and gas leak repairs (minimum 1-hour charge applies per visit).

Our out-of-hours charges (5pm-10pm) are £100.00 per hour +VAT (a minimum 1-hour charge applies per visit). Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays will be charged as above £100.00 +VAT per hour between 8am and 10pm (Minimum 1-hour charge applies per visit).

In emergency hours (10pm-8am), the standard charge for call-outs is £150.00 per hour +VAT (1-hour min charge applies). This service is only offered for emergency work, and we will aim to be with you within 2 hours of receiving your call. This service only provides a basic make-safe or repair if possible.

All call-outs will incur a minimum 1-hour charge. Time spent at the site will be charged in 30-minute increments after that. A written quote would be provided for larger jobs such as upgrades or installations.

What are my options if my boiler is beyond repair?

If our engineer determines that your boiler is beyond economical repair (meaning that repairing it would cost more than replacing it), you will need to purchase a new one.

Can my boiler be repaired on the same day as visitation?

Yes, if we can repair it on the same day, we will! However, this depends on the availability of parts.