Boiler Swap & Installation Liverpool

With domestic boiler swaps from First Group, our experienced Gas Safe engineers will fit a state-of-the-art boiler, install it with precision and scrupulous attention to detail, thoroughly test it to ensure flawless operation and then remove your old boiler for you. It’s the easiest and most cost-effective way to get a brand new boiler!

Our technical engineers will assess your home’s hot water and heating needs to recommend the perfect boiler replacement to keep your gas bills as low as possible for years to come whilst ensuring hot water within seconds and toasty warmth on those cold winter nights.

First Group Bolier Swap - How Does it Work?

To request a boiler swap, simply contact us over the phone for free on 0800 978 8923 or via the simple contact form to the right of this page. You’ll receive a call back from one of our skilled engineers and be asked some questions about your home and your current boiler.

After this, we’ll arrange for a member of our technical team to come out and give your hot water and central heating a full assessment. This will help us recommend the perfect boiler replacement that will help keep both your gas bills low and your home’s warmth and comfort high. Your new Liverpool boiler installation will be able to provide hot water within seconds and keep your home warm for hours, even after your heating goes off.

Reasons To Swap Your Boiler

Swapping your old boiler for a new one can have significant benefits for you and your family. By getting rid of the old and acquiring the new all at once, you’ll save yourself time, money, and fuss. You’ll also benefit from exclusive advice and guidance offered by our expert engineers, who’ll be able to suggest the best type of boiler for you.

If you’re a Liverpool homeowner with a standard-efficiency boiler, it may be wise to think twice before heading down the repair route next time your boiler misbehaves. By swapping your boiler for a modern condensing boiler, you’ll be able to enjoy the increased energy efficiency of up to 35%; enhanced safety thanks to their ‘room sealed’ bodywork; reduced expense thanks to fewer emergency callouts and the chance to relocate your boiler to somewhere else in the home – perhaps out of view.

If a house move is on the horizon, a new high-efficiency boiler installation can also help to improve the energy rating of your home, making it more appealing to buyers.

When trying to decide whether you need a boiler swap, try asking yourself the following questions:

  • Is my boiler’s maintenance becoming very expensive or parts becoming unavailable?
  • Do I need the boiler’s floor space for something else?
  • Is there a grant available that can help reduce the boiler’s purchase cost?

Contact us – we’ll be happy to help.

Got a lower band boiler? You could save hundreds!

You could especially benefit from a boiler swap if you currently own a boiler in one of the lower bands of efficiency, such as G or F. First Group only provide A-band efficiency boilers, which could save you up to £190-£240 per year in gas bills if you have an old system.

Over many years, that can mount up to thousands in gas bill savings. In fact, the savings could be so high that it could eventually pay off the original cost of your new boiler installation

Peace of mind with our Gas Safe engineers

All of our engineers are Gas Safe registered, which means they are legally licensed to perform boiler repair and plumbing care services within your home. Any engineer you hire must be approved by Gas Safe – the UK’s leading authoritative body for safety within the gas and appliance fitting industry.

If you are not sure, ask your engineer to produce his/her Gas Safe qualification card. Look for the yellow Gas Safe triangle logo and make a note of the license number.

You’ll find that all of our engineers will carry a Gas Safe Register card with them at all times, meaning they are qualified and approved to complete plumbing work in your home.

Replace your boiler  – Save money!

Find out more about our boiler swap by giving us a call today on 0800 978 8923 for a free, no-obligation quote.